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Benchmade Osborne 943 Knife Models - Osborne Design

The Benchmade 943 Osbourne Black MCP Tactical Folding Knife is a shining example of Benchmade quality. The 3.4 inch blade is made from the best S30-V stainless steel. At an overall length of 7.87 inches the 943 is just the right size for easy handling and once folded, fits perfectly into any pocket. The pocket clip is mounted for tip up carrying and provides easy access to your knife. Dual thumb studs make for easy opening whether you are right or left handed and the AXIS locking system ensures the blade stays in place until you are ready to put it away.

Like the 943, Benchmade's 943 SBK Osbourne Black MCP Tactical Folding Knife is also made of top quality American made stainless steel. The 3.4 inch black coated blade is partially serrated and it brags the same 7.87 inch length and 2.7 ounce weight as its counterpart. The file worked blue anondized titanium spacer is built to last virtually forever. The blade isn't the only thing made of stainless steel either. The liners are composed of top grade stainless to add good looks to extreme durability. It all comes surrounded by a black anodized 6061-T6 frame to make it a real stand out in any knife collection as well as a useful daily tool for anyone. Dual thumb studs and centered pocket clip ensure that any right or left handed can easily use these one of a kind knives.

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