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Camillus KnivesCamillus Cutlery Company is one of the oldest knife manufacturers in the United States. Ever since the company's inception and in the many, many years that follow - Camillus has been dedicated to producing the finest knives available. Regardless of whether or not you have used or owned a Camillus product, anyone who is into knife collecting certainly is aware of this company and their products. What some people are not aware of is the broad spectrum of Camillus' far-reaching expertise and the diverse knife markets they serve.

Clancy, Montana based custom knifemaker Rob Simonich is collaborating with Camillus to bring forth a production version of his famous Cetan (chay-TAHN) utility fixed blade, dubbed the Talon. In addition to filling his custom fixed blade orders, Simonich is also the exclusive distributor for Talonite. This means the Talon will be the first mass-produced fixed blade to be shod with this revolutionary blade material, which has garnered rave reviews in the custom knife market. Like the BK&T products, the Talon will come with a Kydex carry rig. Your search for a tough field grade fixed blade will lead you to your favorite Camillus retailer during the first quarter of 2000.


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