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Benchmade Damascus Pen 1100-14 Black Ink

Benchmade Damascus Pen 1100-14 Black Ink
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ITEM# 1100-14



Made with Swedish Damasteel, the Benchmade Damascus Pen 1100-14 is a handsome tactical pen The damascus steel pattern can be seen over the entire pen, Weighing 3.1 ounces and measuring at 5.25 inches in total length (5 inches without the cap), the pen is built to withstand various conditions, while adding fluidity and ease to all writing.

The machined knurling up and down the length of the pen adds to its design, while making it ergonomically easy to hold, carry, and write. Unlike traditional Damascus steel, Damasteel is made with modern powdered metallurgy, creating a modern steel with improved strength and durability while retaining the renowned patterned beauty that characterizes damascus steel. The Bechmade Damascus pen utilizes a snap on and off cap (also made with Damasteel) to keep the ink tip covered, with a pocket clip attached to the top of the cap for carrying. It is easy to change and replace cartridges, taking Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Black Refill (PR4). The pressurized ink pen can be used in drastic weather conductions ( with a temperature range of -30ºF to +250ºF), underwater, in zero gravity, upside-down, or any angle, making it a truly tactical pen fit for any environment and condition.

Due to its strength, fluidity, and special ink, the Benchmade Damascus Pen is perfect for law enforcement agencies, armed forces, search and rescue teams, and anyone who needs a reliable pen fit for changing circumstances. Made for important work, you can count on the reliability of the Benchmade Damascus Pen.

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Maker: Benchmade Pens
PEN SIZE: 5 1/8"
MATERIAL: Stainless Damascus by Damasteel of Sweeden
CLIP: Stainless Steel
WEIGHT: 3.1 oz.
CARTRIDGE: Specially made Fisher Space Pen Pressurized Black Refill (PR4)

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