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Lee Ferguson"Ferguson makes some of the finest knives I have ever seen. He makes mainly straight knives with an occasional folder. His mastery of edged weapons allows him to also make world class swords and carving knives. Each Ferguson knife is collector's dream because each one is serial numbered and signed by hand. In the mid-1980's he won the "President's Award" at the Bartlesville, Oklahoma Knife Show.

Why make knives? "Purely for the enjoyment. I wanted to make myself a hunting knife and kept on making knives for my friends and family. I really enjoy finishing a nice blade with a beautiful handle."

What is important in a knife you make? "I visualize them as a tool that can be used. I like the flow and lines of a well polished knife. I mainly use natural materials in the handles. Natural materials are so much more beautiful."

What is your knifemaking history? "I started making knives as a kid in the 1970's. My first knife was a personal hunting knife. I have made over 500 knives since then and still enjoying the art of making a beautiful knife. I am strictly self taught and do my own scrimshaw and engraving. Each of my knives is signed by me and has an individual serial number."

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