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GD Skulls - Skull Beads

GD Skulls - Skull BeadsThe GD Skulls company is named after Genadijs Dmitrijevs. Genadijs works and lives in Latvia. He has been involved in making jewelry for much of his life. His relationship with jewelry manufacturing started when he was 18 and friends of his asked him to look for a jewelry maker capable of creating a particular kind of jewelry set. Genadijs decided to observe the jewelry making process at an acquaintance's workshop. Not too long into his time observing, the acquaintance suggested that Genadijs try his hand at making jewelry. Genadijs soon found it was something that came naturally to him. He has been involved with crafting jewelry since then.

During the first five years of Genadijs jewelry operation he employed only manual practices. Then he decided to take more of an interest in using foundry techniques and he purchased the necessary equipment to make sterling silver skull beads. Genadijs performs all the work, from start to finish, on the skulls. Only when there is a highly complex design will he receive services from a miniaturist sculptor to expedite the process and control costs.

Genadijs takes pride in and enjoys the amount of work and detail that go into each skull produced. He wanted to make his skulls stand out more by using two different metals, silver and bronze. The combination of the two metals makes for an eye-catching look of distinction. They look great on mounted to your favorite knife as a lanyard or custom made into your own paracord skull bead bracelet.

The superior-quality 925 silver and bronze metal skull beads from GD Skulls make for an excellent way to accessorize any knife lanyard. All GD Skulls from Knife Art come with a Certificate of Authenticity card, and each skull bead is marked with the GD logo and 925.

GD Skulls Sterling Silver Rose Skull with Bronze Rose
GD Skulls Pilot Sterling Silver Skull and Bronze Helmet
GD Skulls Cowboy Sterling Silver Skull with Bronze Hat
GD Skulls Sterling Silver Soldier with Bronze Helmet
GD Skulls Sterling Silver Mohican Bead
GD Skulls Sterling Silver King with Bronze Crown
GD Skulls Viking Sterling Silver Skull with Bronze Helmet
GD Skulls Pirate Sterling Silver Skull with Bronze Wrap
GD Skulls Gas Mask Sterling Silver Skull with Bronze Mask
GD Skulls Sterling Silver Rose Skull with Jewel Eyes and Bronze Rose
GD Skulls The Jester Sterling Silver and Bronze Bead
GD Skulls Beret Skull With Jewel Eyes
GD Skulls Sterling Silver Skull with Bronze Beret Bead
GD Skulls Large Sterling Silver Screaming Skull Bead
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