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J.W. Randall, MS

J.W. Randall, MSJ.W. Randall is a new maker from Louisiana with incredible tallent and dedication. His work is crisp and creative. He makes his own mosaic damascus and completely handforges his blades. His large bowie knives are well balanced and clean. Keep your eye on this maker...

According to Randall, "I am 43 years old and have a wonderful wife of 25 years and 2 great children, Haley and Lindsey, who are very supportive of my knife habit."

He is self-employed in the welding and steel fabricating business but plans to move into full-time knifemaking. Randall explains how he got started forging, "I became interested in knife making three years ago and started making knives by the stock removal method. An East Texas friend introduced me to the American Bladesmith Society and took me to a spring hammer-in in Washington, Arkansas. This completely redirected my path in knifemaking. I now forge all my blades."

His instructors at the school were two of the finest Master Smiths, Michael Connors and Harvey Dean - both of Texas. He also studied mosaic damascus with Master Smith Rick Dunkerly of Montana.

He remarked that, "I make knives because of the creativity it gives me. It is the perfect item in which to express myself and it gives me great personal satisfaction to know that I am providing my customers with a product that is both functional and artistic. Everything I make I would want to become an heirloom."

Recently he won “Best Bowie Award” in Mesquite 2001, and the “Best Damascus” in Little Rock 2002. As an Journeyman Smith, he plans to continue his education by learning from various Mastersmiths and will test for his 'Master Smith' rating in 2003.

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