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Stanley Fujisaka

Stanley FujisakaStan Fujisaka is a legend in the knifemaking community. His knives are easily recognizable for their smooth operation, classic styling and island-inspired artistry.

Hawaiian born, Stan Fujisaka married the woman he went to first grade with. They later had three daughters, and now have five grandchildren. He loves his family very much. He lives and makes knives on Kaneohe Bay, just a few steps from the ocean in a piece of paradise.

After high school he joined the Coast Guard and served along on the east coast for four years. After his military service, he graduated from the California State University in Fresno majoring in criminal justice. Before becoming a full-time knifemaker, he worked as a financial investigator.

Stan Fujisaka has generously shared his knife making knowledge with many other makers such as Onion, Ouye, etc.

Fujisaka knives are often embellished by scrimshaw artist Linda Karst-Stone and engraved by Judy Beaver, Bruce Shaw and Jim Sorenburger. Originally, he learned to make knives by using the how-to books authored by Bob Loveless.

You can find Stan fishing, cooking and playing with his grandchildren. He is extremely kind and generous gentlemen. We are thrilled to offer a selection of his artistry on our website.

Stanley Fujisaka Waikiki Beach Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Kamehameha Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Big Island Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Hilo Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Ocean Waves Pearl and Damascus Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Oahu Island Pearl and Damascus Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Lanai Island Damascus Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Molokai Pearl Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Kauai Island Folding Knife
Stanley Fujisaka Oceania Folding Knife
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