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Starlingear Beads - Slickster Bead

Starlingear BeadsStarlingear beads are unique hand crafted works of art. They are made of the highest-quality materials and labor intensive American workmanship. Starlingear has done many collaborations with other high-end products such as Strider Knives, Lens Light Flashlights and Greg Everett. Starlingear beads are perfect for a knife lanyard, necklace or keychain fob. The classic starlingear bead design is the slickster bead.

Starlingear designs are the creation of artist, Ryk Maverick. He has a variety designed necklaces, rings, beads, bracelets, pendants and even the occasional motorcycle shifter knobs. Common materials used in Starlingear items are obviously sterling silver but include bronze, copper, aluminum, steel and even titanium. The classic polished look is most common finish but Maverick has recently been experimenting wi
th distressed finishes and heat coloring to bring a uniqueness to his imaginative designs.

All of our Starlingear products come with a signed certificate of authenticity and the appropriate makers marks - all guaranteed new products direct from Starlingear. Starlingear is proudly handmade in the USA.

Starlingear Mercury Sterling Silver Bead
Starlingear Krazi Kami Sterling Silver Bead
Starlingear Voodoo Kazi Sterling Silver Bead
LensLight Starlingear Strider Knives Colab Knife and Flashlight Set
Regular: $170.00
Starlingear Bullet Tooth Sterling Silver Bead
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