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Traser Watches

Traser H3 Watches - Home of the Mil Spec P6600

Some watches are made just for telling time. Others are made so their wearers can show off and impress others. Then there are Traser Watches. Available at KnifeArt, Traser Tactical Watches employ tritium technology and serve the first two purposes listed - they tell accurate time and as well as meeting military specifications for field uses and durability.

Traser army grade watches will glow and illuminate for years, and they'll do so with a level of brightness that literally outshines a traditional illuminated watch. Traser military watched are not just built to last, but are constructed to withstand harsh conditions and cha
llenging environs. Many of the Traser watches we offer come with a NATO watch strap, waterproof build and are crafted to the highest Swiss quality standards. We offer a wide inventory of Traser Tactical Watches for sale with fast same business day shipping, satisfaction guarantee and all of the benefits of purchasing from an Authorized Dealer in the USA.

Traser Tornado Pro Black PVD - NATO Strap - Tritium Illumination Tactical Watch
Traser P5900 Type 3 Military Watch with Tritium - Black NATO Strap
Traser Officer Chronograph Pro Tritium Watch - NATO strap
Traser P6600 Type 6 MIL-G Tritium Military Spec Watch - Black NATO Strap
Traser P6600 SAND Watch - Black & Tan NATO Strap
Traser P6600 Extreme Sport Pro - NATO Strap - Tritium Illumniation Tactical Watch
Regular: $375.00
Traser T5302 Aviator Jungmann Tritium Watch
Traser Trigalight Watch Illumination Technology - Article
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