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Traser WatchesWe are an Traser Watch Authorized Dealer. Traser watches are made for those that need a tough, durable watch that will last them for many years to come. Not only do Traser tactical watches stand the test of time in extreme conditions, they use tritium technology that allows them to self-illuminate and glow for up to 20 years. Wearers will notice that they are 100 times brighter than normal, illuminated watches, making them perfect for nighttime usage.

Tritium watch colors - depending on the type of material used with the trigalight technology, different colors can be used to give off light. The human eye perceives green to be the brightest color, while orange comes in
a close second. Divers usually prefer blue because it remains the brightest while underwater.

Field use – The Traser P6500 was designed to meet military specifications (MIL-W-46374 F). These military watches were the first to be equipped with patented tritium illumination. Many of our customers who enjoy high quality knives and tools also appreciate the technology of these Traser watches and their ability to stand up in extreme environments.

Swiss Made Quality - The entire line of Traser watches are proudly Swiss Made. You can feel the quality and precision of these timekeeping tools.

Materials and Mechanisms - Traser watches utilize the highest quality materials in construction such as titanium, stainless steel, mineral/sapphire crystals and aircraft grade aluminum. Traser H3 use the Ronda Swiss Quartz movements for precision and reliability.

Traser P5900 Trooper Type 3 Tritium Watch
Traser Officer Pro Tritium Watch - Traser P6704 - Black Nato Strap
Traser P6500 Type 6 Mil-Spec Tritium Watch -Black Nato Strap
Traser P6600 Type 6 MIL-G Tritium Military Spec Watch - Black Nato Strap
Regular: $325.00
Traser Red Combat Tritium Illumated PVD Coated Watch
Traser P6600 SAND Watch - Black/Tan Strap
Traser P6600 SAND Watch - Black Strap
Traser P6600 SAND Watch - Tan Strap
Traser P6600 Elite Red Tritium Watch - Traser H3 P6600 Elite Red
Traser Shade P6600 Tritium Watch - Black Nato Strap
Traser P6600 Shadow Tritium Tactical Watch
Traser P6502 Long Life Tactical Tritium Watch - Traser Watch
Regular: $346.50
Traser P6504 Black Storm Pro Rubber Band Tritium Watch
Traser P6508 Shadow Tritium Tactical Watch
Traser P6504 Limited Edition Tritium Watch
Traser P6504 Nautic Rubber Strap Tritium Dive Watch
Regular: $279.00
Regular: $325.00
Traser P6506 Commander Force Tritium Titanium Watch - Traser Commander
Traser P6507 Commander 100 Pro w/ PVD Coated Titanium Military Watch
Traser P6600 Extreme Sport Pro Tritium Watch - Model P6600.81F.OS.01
Traser Extreme Sport Pro Tritium Watch - NATO Strap
Regular: $375.00
Traser Extreme Sport P6602 Steel Strap - Traser Tritium Watch
Traser T5302 Aviator Jungmann Tritium Watch
Traser T4004 Classic Chrono Big Date Pro Blue - PVD Tritium Watch
Traser Classic Translucent Silver - Silicon Strap Tritium Watch
Traser Trigalight Watch Illumination Technology - Article
Traser P5900 Type 3 Tritium Watch - Nato Strap
Traser Commander 100 Force w Titanium Band
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