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Emerson CQC-13 Knives for sale - Black, Satin & Serrated

Emerson Knives' first bowie-style blade in a pocket knife frame, the Emerson CQC13 Tactical Folding Knife available at KnifeArt comes in three distinct versions: the Emerson CQC-13 BT Bowie Prestige Line Tactical Folding Knife, Emerson CQC13 SF Tactical Folding Knife and Emerson CQC13-SFS Tactical Folding Knife. Each model has a handle fit that is perfect and a titanium back for a secure framelock lockup. The Emerson CQC13 features the wave opening feature specific to the Emerson brand, which is made in the United States. The combat-tested blade, which is 3.75 inches long and made of stainless 154CM steel, is mounted in a safe and secure handle design of Aerospace Titanium and G-10 fiberglass. Order yours today from KnifeArt and get the Emerson CQC13 with free shipping.

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