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Andre Van Heerden

Andre Van HeerdenAndre Van Heerden has always enjoyed doing work with his hands. He specializes in both fancy gents folders and tactical folders. Before becoming a knife maker he was a custom rifle stock maker. Then in 2002 he discovered knifemaking and is now making knives part-time. He is currently a computer Network Engineer.

Van Heerden uses stainless steel such as S30V, 12C27; RWL24, tool steel such as D2 and both stainless and carbon damascus by famous makers for my blades. For handle materials, he selects upscale natural materials such as pearls, abalone, mammoth ivory as well as man made materials for tactical knives. Andre also uses Helene Vanwyk for engraving on his folders. His workmanship and quality is a top priority for Andre, "I always strive for perfect fit and finish in every knife that I make."

We are excited to represent Van Heerden knives on our website and hope you enjoy them as much as we do. The hardest part of purchasing one of his knives is making the decision of which beautiful knife you would like to add to your collection.

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