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Benchmade 300SN

The Benchmade 300SN is a knife created with utility in mind. The ability to be able to safely and comfortably use it in each hand and small enough to really go anywhere, thanks to it's AXIS folding lock and the added convenience of a flipper.

The blade itself is made of stainless steel that boasts a length of a little over 3 inches. A perfect length for carrying around anywhere; not too big or too little. And, of course, the AXIS lock will always keep the knife locked when you're ready to use it. The blade handle is designed with easy to grip in mind and comes in a brown and tan color.

Essentially, this knife works however you need it to. From helping out in the yard to making sure you're safe at night, the Benchmade 300SN will always be there to help you in a jam.

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