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Don Fogg, MS

Don Fogg, MSby Larry Connelley

Don Fogg has long been one of the most respected knifemakers in the country - among both his fellow knifemakers as well as collectors. He is known as a patient teacher in the art and craft of bladesmithing.

His work is exacting yet reflects the raw beauty of natural form. I once watched his patient, soft-hearted workmanship and inner satisfaction while hand polishing a blade - and the immergence of the "ghost-like" temper line (hamon). Many of his knives have an eastern influence. He understands knifemaking as a transcendent zen-like artistry. You can see the hours of handwork in his knives, and the detail that originates from deep patience and hard work. He started bladesmithing fulltime in 1977, long before knifemaking was popular or widely accepted. For him forging and heat treating steel are the most fascinating part of the craft. He comments that, "Steel is truly magical in its properties." Fogg makes a wide range of knives and swords from paring knives to two handed broad swords. His unique mark is an inlayed 24k gold cherry blossom logo.

Don Fogg has a BA in English from the University of New Hampshire, was a combat infantry officer with the USMC in Vietnam. Don Fogg is a avid reader, student and teacher. In his past time he enjoys photography, computers and writing.

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