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Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD - Cobalt - Brown

Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD - Cobalt - Brown
Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD - Cobalt - BrownTerrain 365 Element Alpha HD - Cobalt - Brown
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The Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD Fixed Blade Knife is everything you have been looking for in a fixed blade knife that is as suited to nautical environments as a fish is to water. Impervious to rust, the dendritic cobalt blade is hand ground from a material that is strong yet keeps a razor sharp edge without fear of corrosion. Perfect for marine environments, whether it is fishing, boating, diving, survival, or life on a commercial fishing vessel, this knife can handle any task suited to your needs in a fixed-blade knife.

Completely American made, this Element Alpha HD was designed for those looking for a corrosion resistant everyday carry fixed blade. The "HD" designation is for the thick and strong .311" blade thickness.

The spear point blade and handle is cast, then the blade is hand ground from the cobalt alloy that provides a lasting cutting edge that is easy to maintain. The casting process provides the vital carbides that are part of the alloy, and leave a unique finish to the material.

One-piece construction with a multi-use utility paracord handle wrap and custom molded kydex sheath complete with a LowPro belt clip. The LowPro belt clip can be mounted in multiple carry configurations or removed completely. This cobalt knife could easily be considered a survival tool in the harshest environments. The 4" blade and overall 8" length give you power and balance without sacrificing limits for weight at a manageable 6.0 oz. The handle tang features a skeleton style full tang for easily braiding the paracord handle. Paracord lanyard handle can be removed for multiple survival uses. Bring this Terrain 365 Element Alpha HD along for your next offshore adventure!

BRAND: Terrain 365
BLADE MATERIAL: Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt
HANDLE: Integral Dendritic Cobalt with a Coyote Brown Paracord handle wrap
SHEATH: Custom Molded Kydex with LoPro Belt Clip
WEIGHT: 6.0 oz.

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