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Hinderer MP-1


Rick Hinderer's new Modular Platform (MP) the new Hinderer MP-1 model debuted at the 2016 Blade Show in Atlanta, is a stunning tactical folder with a sheepsfoot-style blade made of S35VN steel. The 3.5-inch blade features a scratch hiding stonewashed finish.

The MP-1 allows for both full manual one-handed opening with it's dual thumb lugs as well as the flipper opener tab. The new modular platform folding knife features an internal stop pin construction.

The titanium frame has a machine textured finish and the handle incorporates the HMBS system, which is actually an assembly that is secured with a single screw. It is mechanically engaged with the standoffs to be strong when inserted, but it can also let you change the look or insert something like a bottle opener or other tool attachment.

The entire blade weighs 5.8 ounces -- hefty enough to feel good in your hand and light enough to carry comfortably.

Order the MP-1 through KnifeArt, an authorized dealer of Hinderer Knives. We have fast, free shipping and a guarantee that you can return your knife if you're not happy with it when it arrives.

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