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Joe Kious

Joe Kiousby Larry Connelley

Joe Kious is an extremely talented artist and a knifemaker of the highest caliber. His humble and patient presence is reflected in his timeless workmanship. Each of his knives exhibit a identifiable "Kious" style. He often makes upscale folders and automatics using the finest materials. "My passion is for folding knives, simply because they actually get carried, and consider ornate folding knives necessary jewelry for every gentleman's pocket, and indeed for every lady's purse..." Many collectors carry a Kious folder and deeply appreciate the functional artistry.

Joe graduated from college in 1969 with degrees in English, Government, and History. After college, he took a temporary job as a school teacher with the idea of saving my money, then attending Law School. During that summer he made his first knife. Joe continued knifemaking on a part-time basis until 1980. He had promised himself that once he achieved the milestone of a 100 order backlog he go would go into full-time knifemaking. Joe admits his love for knives started at an early age, "I probably made my first knife with no intent to sell it while I was in my teens." Anyone who meets Joe immediately knows that he has a serious love for knives.

Joe understands that what is most important in a knife is that it must first cut. His knives underscore that no matter how artistic, how expensive, how pretty, a knife is intended to be used. Another quality important to Joe is the long term workmanship. His knives are made to last many lifetimes, passing from generation to generation. Kious commented that, "I believe that the ornate folders I make are kin to fine watches, and are collectibles of the same caliber."

Outside of knifemaking Joe enjoys shooting (sporting clays, competition bench rest, and some target pistol) snow skiing, and fishing. Family is also important for Kious, "I have been married to the same lovely lady for thirty one years, and have three truly remarkable adult children."

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