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Emerson Karambits for sale - La Griffe - Karambit Fixed Blade

he line of Emerson hawkbill blades gives users a modern twist to an ancient, classic style of knives from Southeast Asia. The curved style, resembling a hawk's bill or the claws of a great cat, are great for cutting through thick cords, ropes, textiles, which make it a popular utility knife for fieldwork, self-defense, and nautical environments. Emerson answers this need with its Karambit and La Griffe blades. Featuring the patented Emerson wave shaped opening feature, these knives carry the quick-draw deployment speed that all Emerson knives are known to have, and are constructed for even the toughest environments with hard, continuous use. And with the ergonomic handles on the Karambit and La Griffe, users can hold the knives in forward or reverse grips in either hand, giving you greater carrying styles and options in any situation.

The Emerson Super Karambit upgrades the size of the traditional Karambit. The super features a long, 3-inch chisel ground hawkbill blade made with 154 CM stainless steel (57-59 HRC), with an ergonomic G-10 handle. The hook blade makes it a durable tool on the field, as well as a strong ally for self-defense and protection. At a total of 8 inches, this folding tactical knife provides some of the best hard use features, and can be opened ambidextrously with the extra finger hole in the blade.

Designed by the French knifemaker Fredric Perrin, the La Griffe claw knife serves as a helpful companion for adventure-seekers and emergency responders. With sharp, 1.75-inch chisel ground blade made from 154 CM stainless steel (Rockwell hardness 57-59), and finished in black oxide, this lightweight companion can cut through heavy-duty materials with efficiency, speed, and ease. Measuring only 4.9 inches total and weighing only 1.5 ounces, the La Griffe is a compact utility tool perfect for hikers, kayakers, climbers, and other adventure sports enthusiasts, in addition to military and police personnel.

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