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Dietmar Kressler

Dietmar Kressler Dietmar Kressler is one of the worlds most recognized names in custom knives. This German knifemaker is known for his precision made integral knives and ultra clean workmanship.

Kressler knives are easily recognized for their classic design, timeless shapes and their expertly made integral construction. Each knife is made from the finest steel, with excellent edge retention and traditional handle materials. His knives are desired by the finest knife collectors in the world. Since 1985 he has devoted himself to a full time knifemaking career.

One thing that takes me with a Kressler knife is how simply refined it is. The blades are ground with excellent symmetry, hand satin finish, contoured handle and matching leather sheath. The knife comes together flawlessly.

One reason for this flowing symphony in steel is its integral machined construction. The knife has fully been conceptualized before the steel is ever touched. Like a sculptor, a finished work is the result of timeless hours of craftmanship. This process of removal and finishing refines the knife. This "reduction to perfection" is a balancing act between having too much and not having enough. Kressler's philosophy is to build a better knife via construction, finish and textures - not embellishment.

Making an integral knife is one of the most time consuming methods of knifemaking. The form and function of a knife must be deeply considered. Many will even argue it is one of the strongest methods of making a knife. Above all, a Kressler knife is an original.

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