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Scot Matsuoka

Scot Matsuoka

Scot Matsuoka

Scot grew up in Koloa, on the Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. His first handmade knife was made at age 9. He commented, "I started making knives out of large nails that I found around the neighborhood. I would pound the nail flat on a piece of railroad track that my dad used as an anvil." After hammering the blade to shape he would rough grind it on his dad's old grinder.

Matsuoka knives are marked with a distinctive logo of Koloa duck merging into his name. This is design is symbolic for two reasons; because Matsuoka grew up in Koloa (an old sugar plantation town) and the bird's indigenous beauty and rarity.

In 1990, Matsuoka bought his first knife magazine and began tinkering with serious knifemaking. Several years later, he met Ken Onion at the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show. Upon returning home, Scot Matsuoka visited Ken and began learning the basics of knifemaking.

Later in 2003, he attended his first show in Honolulu where he sold several of his own fixed blades. This show introduced him to other knifemakers in his area, "I meet other makers and shared ideas." Later that year, Matsuoka started making folding knives with Ken Onion's guidance. While there is a similarity between the two makers, Matsuoka is definitely breaking into his own style and artistry.

His long term knifemaking goals are to continuously improve his workmanship and designs - achieving the allusive satisfaction of perfect fit and finish. In recent years, knifemaking has taken off for Matsuoka. His knives have been featured in 'Tactical Knives', 'Knife Annual', 'Blade Magazine' and now online at KnifeArt.com

Scot loves Hawaii and enjoys golfing, the ocean and his dog.

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