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Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt

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Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt

Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt

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The Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha Fixed Blade Knife is everything you have been looking for in a full-sized fixed blade knife that is as suited to nautical environments as a fish is to water. Impervious to rust, the Terravantium dendritic cobalt blade is hand ground from a material that is strong yet keeps a razor sharp edge without fear of corrosion. Perfect for marine environments, whether it is fishing, boating, diving, survival, or life on a commercial fishing vessel, this knife can handle any task suited to your needs in a fixed-blade knife.

Completely American made, this Nautilus Alpha was designed for those looking for a corrosion resistant everyday carry, full sized fixed blade.

The harpoon style blade and handle is cast, then the blade is hand ground from the cobalt alloy that provides a lasting cutting edge that is easy to maintain. The casting process provides the vital carbides that are part of the alloy, and leave a unique finish to the material.

One-piece construction with a textured epoxy handle and custom molded kydex sheath complete with a LowPro belt clip. The LowPro belt clip can be mounted in multiple configurations. This cobalt knife could easily be considered a survival tool in the harshest environments. The 4.3" blade and overall 8.5" length give you power and balance without sacrificing limits for weight at a manageable 7.7 oz. The handle tang features a skeleton style full tang. The textured epoxy coated handle provides a grippy surface. Bring this Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha along for your next offshore adventure!

BRAND: Terrain 365
BLADE MATERIAL: Terravantium Dendritic Cobalt
HANDLE: Integral Dendritic Cobalt with a Textured Epoxy Handle
SHEATH: Custom Molded Kydex with LowPro Belt Clip

Product Reviews

4 excellent blade, some negatives, October 28, 2020Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Posted By: shep - verified customer

This blade is beautiful and functional. Have not had it underwater yet to test the claims, but after looking into their cobalt blend I believe it will be rust proof. It does feel a bit smaller in my hand than expected, but I am a pretty big guy. Only other drawback I can speak to is the handle. I had expected a rubberized or other, slip-proof paint. But the handle paint is a metallic feeling epoxy. I worry about grip when wet or with gloves.But, these are fairly minor and I will still keep and use the knife plenty.

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5 Neat little knife - first impressions , September 8, 2020Terrain 365 Nautilus Alpha - Orange - Cobalt
Posted By: WC

First of all, there should be no surprise that another Kinfe Art review begins with a nod to the customer service provided by these guys. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with Larry andquot;kicking the tiresandquot; on this one. I bought at the discounted price of ~$300. Shipping free and fast. Top class owners/operators and their commitment to sourcing USA-Made, high quality, and in many cases; world class edged tools is impressive. THe knife comes sharp. I stropped it and it is even sharper. Even at hair popping sharp, it is toothy which is great for cutting line/rope and other things needing cut on a boat. I bought this as a full tang, worry free andquot;large bladeandquot; to take fishing with me.that would not be obtrusive, and I have been on the trail of one of these non-ferrous blades for awhile. Kydex fits great, package is nice and trim, and it is well ground. It has a bit of a rough texture on the flats, although it slices through meat and chicken like a kitchen knife, veggies, too. It is very pointy as well. Nice and thick stock that feels solid. THe andquot;rubberized handleandquot; provides purchase and I felt like it could have maybe been andquot;double dippedandquot; to provide a little more girth in the handle. Just a little, and that is my only andquot;suggested editandquot; so far. I will be taking it fishing for about 4 days this weekend where we catch sharks and sting rays, and big gaf top catfish in between catching red-fish and speckled trout. I have practiced cutting braided fishing line with it in a grip position that allows both hands to work while keeping the knife in reach and not having to set it down. This involves a lanyard I rigged up and a certain grip that is hard to describe. All in all, I will want a salt free folder as well for this type work, although if I only had this, it would work all day. This larger knife can also cut hooks out of catfish and sharks if they side hook themselves so we do not have to lose hooks/rigs by just cutting the whole thing off. I have done this before with a spyderco ZDP-189 dragon fly and it worked, although it was a bit more challenging reach wise. When they get side-hooked goo enough, the skin is so tough, and the teeth and spines of gaf tops and sharks are not to be taken lightly. SO the reach on this as well as the blades' claimed edge retention should prove an asset on any trip. Just 2 incisions on either side of the hook through the skin to free the hooks with minimal damage to fish. I hope this retains its 5-Star Status after use. I will also be experimenting with carry options with this and my pliers and a folder in my fishing shorts. we will see if that bulks me up too much (it is hot down in Cocodrie and I fish in shorts and a hat. No shirt with pockets and no shoes! Although my AFTCO shorts have all the pockets I need. This one seems to ride low in the back pocket without being andquot;top heavyandquot;. I do not like fishing with a belt either, so we will see how the draw on the knife is when I want to use it.

Will report back.

Customer service out of this world plus a neat little knife for a great price that I have been wanting to try for awhile. Can also take skin diving whenever I get a chance to do that again in some blue water!

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