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Joel Pirela Design

Joel Pirela Design

"Since early age, I was introduced to the word of weapons by my father, a Naval commander in the Venezuelan Navy. That sparked the always increasing interest in all kind of guns, knives and weapon's systems.

My passion for knives lead me to explore and gather information regarding the utilitarian and defensive cutting needs of the law enforcement, military and civilian market and made me come up with my extensive line of Tactical Custom Knives: Pirela Blade Design.

Pirela Blade Design was born to find the perfect knife for the specific task. It can't be only one "do-it-all" knife. Depending on your needs, there's probably one that’ll fit your mission.

All the knife design work is done on a Macintosh workstation with 2-D software to create the outlines and make sure everything works (clearance, stop pins and general shape). After that a heavy load of 3-D takes place to create textures and give the feedback regarding material to be using, anodization and blade finish. That way the knife can be seen prior to any grind-work.

I’ve worked on several projects with several makers: defensive folders, fixed blades, neck knives, dual actions, A unique looking balisong or butterfly knife, the now famous “Folding Tactical Axe” and more and more prototypes.

My first knife design ever was the Vector. The Vector was born and presented in October 1998 to Tony Marfione, owner of Microtech Knives to contemplate the possibility of making this design part of the Microtech lineup.

After that, I started working with custom knife makers on my exclusive designs and limited editions of only 10, 15 or 20 serial numbered knives.

But it wasn't after Blade Show 2001 that everything changed. I decided to contact several makers at once to materialize some folders and fixed blade projects. Limited runs, exclusive designs and a bunch of great makers mix well together. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The knifemakers have outdone themselves with the greatest knives - that proudly carry the Pirela Blade Design logo."