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Custom Rigging & Sailing Knives for Boaters and Fishermen

Rigging & Sailing Knives

For centuries, sailors, boaters, and fisherman have used rigging knives to serve their needs while on the boat. Today, has a wide range of boating knives to suit any boater’s needs. There are few tools more trusted than sailing knives when on a ship, and we strive to provide our customers with equipment that is practical and stylish. All Boye knives sharpen easily by using an Arkansas sharpening stone.

Boye Knives manufactures the BCFK Sheepsfoot Blade Yellow Folding Knife and it is available at Specially crafted for the circumstances on a boat and built to withstand wet and humid conditions, this knife is made for cutting. The handle is yellow fiberglass reinforced nylon and the blade is Boye dendritic cobalt. The marlinspike is titanium. Lightweight and durable, it has a lanyard ring and titanium pocket clip.

If you’re seeking something larger with a raised handle, the Boye Knives Cobalt Basic 3 Fixed Blade Knife will suit you perfectly. Like all Boye knives, this classically designed piece of equipment is able to withstand any kind of weather you might encounter. Its balance is extraordinary and can be used for multiple purposes. The blade is Boye dendritic cobalt and the handle is integral dendritic cobalt with a black utility cord handle wrap that is perfect for a survivalist.

The seas can be rough and an experienced sailor knows the difference when handling random marine knives created without their needs in mind and those offered by For a wide array of Boye knives, our site is the place to go. We strive for complete customer satisfaction so you’ll come back again and again for all your knife needs. In addition to offering tremendous customer service and super fast shipping, we also ship free in the U.S. for orders over $150. When in need of boating knives, our hope is that once you shop with us, you won’t go anywhere else. Check out our selection today.