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S.R. Johnson

S.R. Johnson S.R. Johnson knives are well known for their workmanship, desirability and classic design.

According to Johnson, "I completed my first knife, which I still have, in March of 1966." He was lucky enough to have Gil Hibben as his Boy Scout/Explorer Advisor and he gave each scout the opportunity to make a knife. For Johnson, that "project" evolved into part-time and finally full-time career.

Later, after entering the world of handmade knives Johnson had the opportunity to work with Harvey Draper, Rod Chappel, Buster Warenski and, thanks to the kind recommendation of long-time friend/advisor Mr. A.G. Russell, Bob Loveless. Johnson said, "I will be forever grateful for the effect these men have had on my life, and my work." The influence of Bob Loveless on his knives is extremely significant.

Since making his first knife Johnson earned a college degree, met and married Dorothy. Knife making has remained a constant in my life, since I was a teenager in the Hibben shop. Johnson affirmed, that "Thirty-some years later, I continue to make using knives that feature well-defined grind lines, precise fit and highly polished blades of, for the most part, 154-CM/ATS-34 type steel." S.R. Johnson enjoys the people and places associated with knife making and the personal challenge of making each knife as "flawless as possible".

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