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Starlingear Beads

For a full selection of handcrafted sterling silver beads please check out GD Skulls

Starlingear was established in 1998 by artist Ryk Maverick, and is currently based in Southern California, where the shop handcrafts jewelry of exquisite, heirloom-level quality and other products. KnifeArt's selection of Starlingear items includes beads, knives and flashlights.

Starlingear products' production is never outsourced, and every piece that comes out of its SoCal headquarters is the handiwork of Ryk Maverick himself, including the Starlingear Mercury Sterling Silver Bead, Starlingear Krazi Kami Sterling Silver Bead, Starlingear Voodoo Kazi Sterling Silver Bead, Starlingear Bullet Tooth Sterling Silver Bead and the LensLight Starlingear Strider Knives Colab Knife and Flashlight Set. The Starlingear Mercury Sterling Silver Bead will lend an air of cla
ss to any hard-use knife that you own. It has real heft and substance to it and is a genuine piece of art. The LensLight Starlingear Strider Knives Colab Knife and Flashlight Set comes with a Strider knife that has a 3 1/2-inch S30-V stainless steel blade with a laser etch design, a weatherproof and water resistant LensLight Mini aluminum single 123A cell light with a high output of 300 lumens and a Strider artic grey digicam finish boasting high tolerance American CNC machining, all contained in an aluminum box with the specific company logos displayed.

In addition to sterling silver, Starlingear products are made of bronze, copper, aluminum, steel and titanium. There's no assembly line in the Starlingear factory: Old-fashioned handcrafting leads to a line of beads, knives and other items each specifically unique. Indeed, there are not any pair of pieces from Starlingear that are ever exactly alike. At Starlingear, character matters. Order Starlingear beads and knives from KnifeArt and get it all with free, fast shipping.

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