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William Henry Knife Blade Steels

William Henry Studio uses a wide range of custom-forged damascus billets to make blades. Mike Norris is one of our principal suppliers - he uses Sandvik 19C27, D2, and 302 SS to create tapestries in stainless damascus. Typical hardness for this material, when finished into blades, is HRC 58-60. Among the patterns we offer from the forge of Mike Norris; Raindrop, Ribbon Lace, and Hornet's Nest.

William Henry also uses steel from Devin Thomas, hand-forged from stainless alloys to the highest standards. Sandvik 19C27 and 302 SS are forged into fine 120 layer (or more) billets for our blades. We use patterns from Devin that include Typhoon, Dot Matrix, Herringbone, and Twist.

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