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If you’re in search of an expansive list of knife-makers who are prepared to show you some of the most gorgeous displays of craftsmanship in the world, you have come to the right place. These custom knife-makers take each and every element of the art into account, from practicality to aesthetic. Years of fine-tuning their craft has yielded a selection of unmatched, one-of-a-kind knives that blend utility, artistry and fine construction. These craftsmen make up some of the best custom knife brands in the world, including Chris Reeve, William Henry, Strider, Brian Tighe, Emerson, Ken Onion and dozens of other brands that have gained a steady repertoire of refined custom knives. Making up some of the best knife-makers in the world, these artists each have their own unique specialties. Often made of Damascus steel, our custom knives use the finest materials, and you can find hand-crafted knives made in the U.S. with only the best of woods, gold, silver and other high-quality materials. A perfect gift for the outdoorsman or woman who celebrates the finest in nature, these rare designs make gorgeous showpieces with superb functionality. Unique folding knives and accessories made by these custom craftsmen will thrill even the most seasoned knife collector out there. Find limited edition Damascus knives and folding knives among our selection to match any personality — from rugged to elegant — to honor the knife enthusiast in your life. Whether you’re in search of something that features a detailed blade with an upscale look or a knife designed to endure the harshest of conditions, our custom knife selection includes something perfect for your needs and personal tastes. At Knife Art, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, prompt shipping and only the best in quality, so you can buy with peace of mind.

Jens Anso
Duane Dwyer
Emerson Knives
Crusader Forge
Brian Fellhoelter
Rick Hinderer Knives
Kirby Lambert
Liong Mah Design
Matthew Martin Pens
Kansei Matsuno
Scot Matsuoka
Hiroaki Ohta
Rod Olson
Mel Pardue
Darrel Ralph
Chris Reeve Knives
Ken Steigerwalt
Kirby Lambert
Mick Strider
Brian Tighe
Warren Thomas
Andre Thorburn
Marty Young
Winkler Knives
Will Zermeno
Previously Sold Makers
Allen Elishewitz
Our customers utilize our years of experience to bring them the best knives in the world. We focus on quality and service!
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