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Zero Tolerance Knives - Authorized Dealer / Retailer

Zero Tolerance Knives Authorized Dealer - Retailer. ZT stands for Zero Tolerance Knives, this fine company strives to create knives with zero tolerances and of the highest caliber. ZT knives are top in the combat and tactical knives. Zero Tolerance knives utilize the best designs from knifemakers such as Ken Onion, Rick Hinderer and Strider Knives. Zero Tolerance Knives are built with the best materials and blade steels - at extremely high tolerances with excellent fit and finish. A ZT knife is proudly Made in USA. Some of the more popular ZT knife models are the: Zero Tolerance 0300, Zero Tolerance 0350 and the Zero Tolerance 0630.

KnifeArt.com is an authorized dealer for Zero Tolerance Knives. W
e stock the knives you see at our website. We ship ZT knives on a regular basis to members of the US Military (APO/FPO) via USPS Priority Mail.

Zero Tolerance Knives Product Guide & Review

Zero Tolerance tactical knives are made to exacting specifications in Tualatin, OR by KAI USA, parent company of Zero Tolerance, Kershaw Knives, and Shun kitchen cutlery. The Zero Tolerance name in the knife industry carries serious weight with it, as KAI USA engineered this line of professional grade tactical knives to serve individuals who are in the law enforcement and military circles. These job fields rely on equipment to complete a mission successfully, help keep our streets safe, and most importantly, serve as tools to those who risk their lives every day for our safety. Currently the Zero Tolerance product line encompasses compact fixed blades, full size fixed fighters, robust tactical folders of the assisted opening and manual opening varieties, and automatic opening knives. These knives are engineered to withstand the toughest punishment given to them in real-life scenarios at home and abroad. Professionals everywhere the world over, can trust a Zero Tolerance knife to never fail and serve adeptly as both a tool, and a weapon should the dire need arise. Progressive designs, the use of premium materials, and 3D CNC machining culminate in what defines a Zero Tolerance knife.

Tactical folders are what’s hot in today’s market and the Zero Tolerance product lineup features no shortage of this style of folding knives. Look at any one of the folders really good, and the word “robust” definitely comes to mind. The Zero Tolerance 0200 is a stylish yet tough as nails manual opening folder with a recurve 154CM blade and 3D machined black G-10 handles. The handle fills your grip and feels very secure. For those wanting something a bit stouter, check out the Zero Tolerance 0300 series. This piece features a wide, modified drop point blade of S30V, set into a handle that has a half-and-half construction style. The lock side of the handle is machined from titanium, while the non lock side has a single full liner encased by your choice of black or green G-10 handles. The Zero Tolerance 0300 comes standard with the Speed Safe assisted opening for rapid one hand deployment.

You say like dig the ZT 0300 but find it too big for your needs? Then try downsizing a bit to the Zero Tolerance 0350. Sharing the exact same design lineage as the Zero Tolerance 0300, the Zero Tolerance 0350 is a more pocket-able size with an S30V blade and flat ground S30V blade. If you wish for something more aggressive in appearance, then look no further than the ZT 0400. It’s a sexy little number with an ergonomic aluminum handle with grip tape inlays for enhanced grip traction. The blade is an S30V tango recurve. Also equipped with Speed Safe, the zero tolerance 0400 is quick to deploy in any situation. For those looking for definite hard working folder design in manual opening format, take a hard look at the Zero Tolerance 0550 and Zero Tolerance 0560 folders. Both were designed by popular custom knifemaker Rick Hinderer of Wooster, Ohio, these knives exhibit quite a few of Hinderer’s trademarks such as the useful clip point and drop point blades, ergonomic handles with half-and-half construction style that also has a support liner for the non-lock side, and dual thumb studs which serve as the blade’s positive stop in the open position. The Zero Tolerance 0550 is a meaty folder that offers a great grip and its frame lock design locks up sure and solid. Blade material is Vanax, European high performance steel that is of particle metallurgy technology. The Zero Tolerance 0560 is a larger design, boasting a modified drop point blade with flipper/finger guard, half-and-half handle construction with 3D machined G-10 and titanium. There is also Zero Tolerance’s own KVT bearing system in the pivot, which makes blade opening effortless and smooth as glass. Blade steel is Elmax, another popular European high performance blade material that exhibit qualities similar to that of the industry standard CPM S30V. And finally, we have the exciting Zero Tolerance 0777 folder. This model is a departure from the norm of what Zero Tolerance tactical folders are about. This model blends carbon fiber, titanium, damascus, and N360 stainless steel into one eye catching and stylish folder. The blade is a composite blade, using KAI USA patented technology to affix two different blade materials together to form one blade. The Zero Tolerance 0777 has a blade spine of Devin Thomas herringbone damascus, with a cutting edge of Bohler N360 stainless. The handle is carbon fiber, with a sub-framelock for strength and light weight. What is really cool is the lock bar’s engagement plate can be adjusted by the user to tailor the lockup of the folder and to compensate for any slight wear-in that will happen. The Zero Tolerance 0777 is a fresh and exciting design and a departure for Zero Tolerance from the usual Mack truck tough down-and-dirty tactical folders. There are other Zero Tolerance folder designs to choose from, but these are the highlights of the product lineup as it stands currently.

So, you want to get fixed? As in fixed blade that is! Zero Tolerance has you covered with several fixed blades, each offering their own unique flavor and duty specialties. The classic dagger style never goes out of fashion with its perfect symmetrical appearance and blade ground symmetrically as well, thin enough to piece thick materials. Zero Tolerance puts their unique spin on this classic design with their Zero Tolerance 0150 boot knife. At 7 ˝ inches overall, this knife sports a dagger blade of S30V and a machined G-10 handle. A black Kydex, MOLLE compatible sheath rounds out this package. The Zero Tolerance 0160 is a more straightforward style with a clip point blade and a machined G-10 handle. Blade steel is 14C28N, Sandvik’s exclusive steel for KAI USA. Another favorite is the Zero Tolerance 0121 with its stout and compact stature. This knife tucks in easily where other knives of longer length cannot. It also features a sharpened, recessed cutting slot behind the main cutting edge to cut monofilament or string easily and quickly. The Zero Tolerance 0170 is a full sized fighter style with a drop point blade of 14C28N and a handle which features two finger choils and a pronounced thumb rest for ease of gripping. The ZT 0170 was expertly designed by knifemaker RJ Martin. Perhaps the most unique of all Zero Tolerance fixed blades is the ZT-9 bayonet, co-designed by Zero Tolerance and Strider Knives. The ZT-9 takes the basic bayonet and hot rods it, using S30V stainless steel, green G-10 handles, and stainless steel hardware. Unlike your much cheaper bayonets, the ZT-9 is built to last! It also mounts easily to M-16, M-4, and AR-15 rifles. As with the folders, there are other fixed blades in the Zero Tolerance lineup, so what’s discussed herein is not the entire product line.

Whatever your case may be, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the entire Zero Tolerance product family to get a sense of what this brand is all about. With as many commercially produced tactical knives as there are on the market, the Zero Tolerance products always are held in high regard by many knife enthusiasts, as well as being stand-outs in their own class. Nothing performs like Zero Tolerance knife.

Zero Tolerance 0630 Emerson Design Framelock - ZT 0630
Zero Tolerance 0620 Emerson Design - ZT 0620
Zero Tolerance 0801BW Blackwash - Todd Rexford Design - Flipper
Zero Tolerance 0801 Rexford Design - ZT 0801
Zero Tolerance 0301 Assisted Opening - Ranger Green - ZT 0301
Zero Tolerance 0300 Assisted Opening Knife - ZT 0300
Zero Tolerance 0350 Carbon Fiber - Assisted - ZT 0350SWCF
Zero Tolerance 0350 Blackwash Assisted Knife ZT 0350BW
Regular: $272.00
Zero Tolerance 0350 Assited Opening Knife - ZT 0350
Zero Tolerance 0350ST Serrated - Assisted  - ZT 0350ST
Zero Tolerance 0350TS Tiger Stripes - ZT 0350TS
Zero Tolerance 0350TSST Serrated - Tiger Stripe Assited Opening Knife
Zero Tolerance 0350SW Assisted Opening - ZT 0350SW - S30V Steel
Zero Tolerance 0566 Hinderer Design - ZT 0566
Zero Tolerance 0560BW Blackwash Rick Hinderer Design - Elmax Steel
Zero Tolerance 0770CF Carbon Fiber Assisted - ZT 0770CF
Zero Tolerance 0770CF M390 Steel - Carbon Fiber - Assisted Opening Knife
Zero Tolerance 0566CF Hinderer Design Carbon Fiber Folder with Elmax Steel
ZT 0566CF Hinderer Design Carbon Fiber Assisted Opening with M390 Steel
Zero Tolerance 0566BW Blackwash - Assisted Opening Knife w Elmax Steel
Zero Tolerance 0160 Shifter Fixed Blade - ZT 0160
Zero Tolerance 0562 Hinderer Design - ZT 0562 - Elmax Steel
Zero Tolerance 0180 Hinderer Design Fixed Blade - ZT 0180
Zero Tolerance 0808 Rexford Design - S35VN - ZT 0808
Regular: $140.00
Zero Tolerance 0900 George Design - S35VN Steel ZT 0900
Zero Tolerance 0620CF Emerson Design - Carbon Fiber - ZT 0620CF
Zero Tolerance 0550 Hinderer Design - ZT 0550
Zero Tolerance 0102 Tactical Tomahawk - ZT 0102
Zero Tolerance 0562CF Carbon Fiber - CTS-204P - ZT 0562CF
Zero Tolerance 0566BWCF Blackwash - Carbon Fiber Assisted Opening w Elmax
Zero Tolerance 0450 Flipper - Sinkevich Design - ZT 0450
Zero Tolerance 0452CF Carbon Fiber - Sinkevich Design - ZT 0452
Zero Tolerance 0801 S110V Stainless Steel Limited Edition - Rexford Design
Zero Tolerance 0350 Knife Series
Zero Tolerance 0300 Knife Series
Zero Tolerance Hinderer Designs
Zero Tolerance Emerson Designs
Zero Tolerance Rexford Designs
Zero Tolerance George Designs
Zero Tolerance Sinkevich Designs
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