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Damascus Knives – Damascus Steel Knives

Damascus Knives

Ancient swords crafted in the Middle East were made from it, and the curved and flowing designs and patterns forged into the blade made them very distinctive. Modern knifemakers have found that the same material, Damascus steel, which worked so well in the swords from centuries past is still the basis for a really functional and aesthetically pleasing knife today. KnifeArt has a large inventory of Damascus knives from a long list of brand names with a sterling reputation for quality and reliability.

The Damascus line at KnifeArt includes tools from such brand names as William Henry, Chris Reeve, Darrel Ralph, LionSteel, Spartan Blades, William Henry and more. For many knife users and knife collectors, the blade is the thing. But, while the sharpness and performance of the blade is vital to any knife. Most of these fine Damascus knives can be ordered from KnifeArt with free shipping, and many are limited edition collector's items that come with their own certificate and presentation box.

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