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Darrel Ralph Knives

Darrel Ralph

Darrel Ralph

Darrel Ralph Knives combine both high-tech and artistic styling. Each Darrel Ralph knife has excellent design but is also fully functional. Darrel is an extremely versatile maker, doing his own engraving, carving, goldsmithing, jewelry design and production.

Darrel makes all kind of knives including investment grade, high-tech folders with unique mechanisms, fancy art fighters and daggers. He also forges his own damascus and mokume for a Darrel Ralph knife.

Ralph described his work, "I have extensively studied art and have worked professionally in the metal manufacturing industry for twenty five years. I am often commissioned by knife makers on special projects utilizing mosaic and special patterned damascus. My art influences come from Michelangelo, Frazetta, and medieval futuristic."

Darrel has served as an instructor at the ABS Bill Moran bladesmith school and at the NRA School at Montgomery College.

Ralph knives are attracting international attention. Several of his unique knife designs have been sold to knife companies for reproduction. I would high recommend Darrel's knives to anyone. Each blade is his own artistic vision of knifemaking.

Exclusive Darrel Ralph Carbon Fiber Edition Dominator - Bowie Blade
Darrel Ralph Exclusive Dominator - Compound Hollow Grinds - Flamed - Limited Edition
Exclusive Darrel Ralph Custom Dominator - Carbon Fiber Edition - Compound Grinds
DDR Go Pen - Satin Finished Stainless Steel Tactical Pen
DDR Go Pen - Satin Finished Titanium Tactical Pen
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