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Emerson Knives - Huge Selection For Sale

Emerson Knives - Home of the CQC7, CQC15 & Commander

Nearly two decades after knifemaker Ernest Emerson launched Emerson Knives Inc., the brand has come to represent the very best in law enforcement, military and tactical tools. A leader in both performance quality and design aesthetics, Emerson Knives are available at KnifeArt, an officially authorized dealer of Emerson Knives. Emerson Knives combine straightforward design and precision engineering in an aerospace-qualified manufacturing facility to produce a blade valued by even the most demanding of knife
users. Every aspect of every Emerson knife is made 100% American made.

One distinguishing feature of Emerson's folding knives is the patented wave feature. This allows the user to remove the knife from their pocket and open the blade all in one motion. Emerson knives also feature a liner lock that assists one hand opening in high stress situations. The efficiency of the wave feature combined with the liner lock is unmatched by any other tactical folding knife on the market, making these knives extremely useful in close quarter combat situations.

The steel used in all Emerson knives is Crucible 154 CM Steel. This stainless steel was developed by the aerospace industry, and has a proven record of performance and durability that has been combat proven for over 20 years.

The handles of Emerson knives are often made of a synthetic material known as G10. It is alternating layers of glass-woven cloth pressurized with durable epoxy resin. This material is impervious to solvents and liquids. The alternating layers helps create a stable handle that does not crack, shrink, or wear out over years of hard use.

Three of the most popular models of Emerson knife are the Commander, CQC-7, and the CQC-15. The Commander features the recurve blade. The Tanto-style blade can be found on the CQC-7. The CQC-15 is a combination of these two blade styles and gives you the best of both worlds.

The company was founded in 1996 by custom knifemaker Ernest Emerson and is located in Harbor City, California.

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