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Benchmade Knives

Benchmade Knives

Looking for great knives that sport innovative designs, the latest and most modern materials and the creative minds of some of the most well-reputed knife designers in the industry? Then take a look at the vast selection of Benchmade Knives available at KnifeArt, an authorized dealer of Benchmade Knives.

Benchmade Knives, founded in 1988 in Oregon, has evolved from a small independent knife making operating to a world-reno
wned company in the field. The first Benchmade folding knife with the AXIS lock, the Benchmade 710 Knife is an all-around tactical tool with a 3.9-inch D2 drop-point blade with double thumb studs mounted atop the blade for use with either hand and a black G-10 handle with a lanyard hole and gimping on the top and the bottom to make it easier to grip. The Benchmade 140 Nimravus Knife is one of the best sellers among combat fixed blade implements and features a 4.5-inch 154 CM stainless steel drop-point style blade with 58-61 RC hardness, a full-tang anodized, machined 6061 T-6 aluminum handle and a soft sheath with MOLLE capability. The Benchmade 761 Knife with M390 Steel is a frame-lock folder with trust bearings, a 3.73-inch M390 stainless steel blade with a drop-point design and 60-62 RC hardness, a titanium blasted frame, a lanyard hole at the base of the handle and a tip-down pocket clip that allows for safe carry at the waist. The Benchmade 530 Pardue Axis Lock Folding Knife designed by Mel Pardue is ideal for everyday carry with a 3.25-inch blade, stainless steel liners and contoured black Noryl GTX 830 handles. It has dual thumb studs for easy right and left hand opening, the AXIS lock system and lanyard hole in the handle.

If precise and durable quality are only part of the equation you seek in a knife, and a certain panache in the design is also important to you, then seeing the selection of Benchmade Knives in stock at KnifeArt is a must. Many of these knives are available with free shipping when you order from KnifeArt.

Benchmade 761 with M390 Steel - Framelock Folding Knife
Benchmade 808BK Loco - Black Blade - Axis Lock with S30V Steel
Benchmade 808 Loco AXIS Lock with S-30V Steel
Benchmade 665 APB Assist - Axis Lock with 154CM Steel
Benchmade 757 Vicar - Shane Sibert Design - with S30V Steel
Benchmade 757 BK Shane Sibert Vicar Black Blade
Benchmade 275BK Adamas -D2 Steel - Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade Bedlam 860 - Benchmade 860 Manual Folding Knife
Benchmade Bedlam 860SBK Axis-Lock Black w/ Serrations
Benchmade Barrage 581 Axis Lock - Assisted Opening Folding Knife
Benchmade Barrage 581S Serrated Folding Knife
Benchmade Barrage 581BK Black Osborne Design - M390 Steel
Benchmade 586 Mini-Barrage AXIS-Assisted Folding Knife
Benchmade 586BK Mini Barrage Assist Opener - Osborne Design
Benchmade 484 Nakamura Design Folding Knife
Benchmade 484-1 Carbon Fiber - Nakamura Design - Axis Lock with S90V Steel
Benchmade 950 Osborne Rift Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 950-1 Osborne Rift Axis Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade RIFT 950SBK-1 Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 950SBK RIFT Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 915SBK ORG Triage Serrated Folding Knife
Benchmade 915BK-ORG Triage Folding Knife
Benchmade 915 Triage
Benchmade 915BK Triage Rescue Knife
Benchmade 940BK Osborne Design - Axis-Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade 940SBK Osborne Axis Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 940-1 Carbon Fiber Folding Knife
Benchmade 943 Osborne Black MCP Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade 940S-1 Carbon Fiber- S90V Steel with Serrations
Benchmade 943SBK Osborne Black MCP Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 520 Presidio Axis Lock Knife - 154CM Steel - Pardue Design
Benchmade 520SBK Presidio Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade 550HG Griptilian Folding Knife
Benchmade 555HG Mini Griptilian Folding Knife -154CM Steel - Pardue Design
Benchmade 551 Griptilian MDP Folding Knife
Benchmade 551SBK Griptilian MDP Folding Knife
Benchmade Torrent Nitrous Assist Folding Knife - BM 890
Benchmade Torrent 890SBK Black Serrated Folding Knife - BM 890SBK
Benchmade 710SBKD2 Axis Lock Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 710D2 Axis Lock Black G-10 and Satin Blade
Benchmade 746 Lum Mini Onslaught Tactical Folding Knife
Benchmade 746 SBK Lum Mini Onslaught Folding Knife
Benchmade 530 Pardue Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade 530SBK Pardue Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade 531 Pardue Design Axis Lock - G10
Benchmade 810 Contego - Axis Lock Folding Knife with M4 Steel
Benchmade 810BK Black - Axis Lock Folding Knife with M4 Steel
Benchmade 300SN Folding Knife
Benchmade 300-1 Axis Flipper
Benchmade 300S-1 Serrated Axis Flipper
Benchmade Volli Axis Assist - Black Blade Folding Knife
Benchmade 482 Megumi - Nakamura Design Folding Knife with S30V Steel
Benchmade Stryker II -  908BK  - Black Blade
Benchmade 903 Mini Stryker - Axis Lock Folding Knife
Benchmade Tomahawk 172BKF Forged
Benchmade Pen 1100-2  Dark Grey Charcoal Benchmade 1100-2 Tactical Pen
Benchmade Damascus Pen 1100-14 Black Ink
Benchmade Titanium Pen - Benchmade Tactical Pen 1100-16 Black Ink
Benchmade 15007-1 Saddle Mountain Hunter - Black / Grey G-10 with S30V Steel
Benchmade Hunt Hidden Canyon Hunter - Model 15016-1 with S30V Steel
Benchmade Bedlam 860
Benchmade Barrage 581
Benchmade 950 Rift Knives
Benchamde Triage 915
Benchmade Osborne 940
Benchmade Osborne 943
Benchmade Presidio 520, 525
Benchmade Griptilian
Benchmade Torrent 890
Benchmade Gold Class Knives
Benchmade 710
Benchmade 746
Benchmade 530 & 531
Benchmade Adamas 275
Benchmade Contego 810
Benchmade 300SN
Benchmade Volli
Benchmade Emissary
Benchmade Megumi 482
Benchmade 483 Shori
Benchmade Fixed-Blade Knives
Benchmade Tomahawk
Benchmade Pens
Benchmade Hunt Series
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