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Daniel Winkler Knives for sale - Fixed Blade Knives & Tomahawks

Winkler Knives

Winkler Knives II - Maker of the Navy Seal Belt Knife

A bladesmith since 1988, Daniel Winkler specializes in forged cutlery created in the tradition of a bygone time period. Winkler Knives II is the result of processes Daniel Winkler developed in recent years to provide axes and knives to teams in the United States and Allied Special Operations. Each piece in this collection bears the Winkler Knives II mark.

Winkler's creations are complemented by the unique leather work of Karen Shook, who, with Winkler, crafts each item in its entirety. Specifications can usually be adapted from one design to another depending on individual preference. Each hand-forged piece Winkler creates bears the "DWinkler" touchmark, and a large selection of Winkler Knives is available at KnifeArt.

Daniel Winkler Knives presents an array of tools that include belt knives, camp knives, hunting knives, patch knives, axes and special project knives. The 9-inch long Winkler Belt Knife crafted to feel just right in the user's hands has a 4.5-inch blade made of carbon steel with a black finish and micarta, curly maple or rubber handles. The Winkler Utility Knife has a 5-inch steel blade with a black finish and full tang construction with partial serrations on the spine of the blade. The Winkler Knives WKII Striker Knife with a premium maple handle sports a razor-sharp 80CRV2 5.2-inch carbon steel blade with flat grinds and a black caswell finish for rust prevention and a classic drop point. The Winkler Knives Tactical Dagger has a contoured black micarta handle and a 5-inch blade made for elite military and special ops units. Lastly, the Winkler Camp Knife is one of his largest and most popular knives. The Winkler Camp Knife is a great option for environments like jungle or dense under brush forests. Expertly crafted, Winkler Knives are used by the toughest and most respected personnel on the planet. If it's good enough for them, it'll be good enough for you, too, and you can order a Winkler knife with free, fast shipping and satisfaction guaranteed from KnifeArt today.

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