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Freeman Outdoor Gear

Freeman Outdoor GearWe are pleased to be carrying a line of special knives from Freeman Outdoor Gear. Freeman Outdoor Gear was started by Jeff Freeman. He has a strong vision for the knives he produces and designs each knife to "solve a problem." He talks about having been frustrated by "value products" that "fail in the field." Far too many outdoorsman can relate with having had similar experiences. The team at Freeman Outdoor Gear work hard to make sure their knives will not let you down like that.

Jeff Freeman and his design team build knives in what he calls a "spiral" process - a sequence of design, build, test, and repeat, until he is happy with the process; he continues to look for ways to improve the product. For example, the 451 knife was designed to meet a variety of needs - everything from field dressing large game to usefulness as a camp and field knife, with the designers seeking to bala
nce a light knife with toughness. Blending these features became the 451, a knife which is a new mix and not traditional as either a bush craft, skinning, or hunting knife, but good at performing in a variety of ways.

During the design process, not only does the Freeman Outdoor Group (FOG) match a knife to its intended purpose, Freeman also has the experience to back it up. Jeff Freeman spent many years working in as a designer and product developer at Gerber Knives.

Freeman made knives are designed to provide reliable, quality knives to military personnel and to outdoorsmen. Freeman's excellent warranty demonstrates his confidence in the durability of his knives to serve as cutting tools for a lifetime. When you order a FOG knife, you will want to choose carefully, as your purchase is liable to be passed down through the generations. You may want to contact us for help choosing which knife from Freeman Outdoor Gear's product line will best suit your need for many years to come.

Freeman 451 Black Fixed Blade
Freeman 451 Orange Fixed Blade Knife
Freeman Compact 451 Black Fixed Blade
Freeman 451 FDE Fixed Blade Knife
Freeman Compact 451 FDE Fixed Blade
Freeman Compact 451 Orange Fixed Blade Knife
Our customers utilize our years of experience to bring them the best knives in the world. We focus on quality and service!
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