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Survive! KnivesSurvive! is a brand that speaks quality. From the creative mind of Guy K. Seiferd, Survive! knives are there for you when the chips are down. This man wanted to create the best survival knife available that will be there when you need it, and to make sure that you are happy with your product all the time. And it is safe to say, that you will be very happy with a Survive! knife.

For a small business, Survive! has definitely put themselves on the map as a company that cares more about quality than quantity. And for you today, we feature the new Survive! GSO 4.1 Knife.

The GSO 4.1 knife features a fixed blade knife made out of extremely durable Boehler stainless steel. The GSO 4.1 comes with a sturdy canvas micarta handle and stonewashed blade. The handle of the blade is jimped, allowing for easier grip and handling. The exposed butt on the blade allows for hammering and comes with a lanyard. The sheath has a belt lock on the front and has custom molded black kydex. The GSO 4.1 knife comes in three colors: black, green, or orange.

So, how did this knife fair in a field test? Well, the makers of Survive! put it to the test. After dicing up a phone book, they took to nature to see if the GSO 4.1 would be bested against a tree. After chopping up branches, and even slicing up logs, this knife was just as sturdy and sharp as the day it was made.

So, don't wait! Buy a Survive! knife today before they fly off the shelves (because many of them already have)!

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