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Tactical Pens

Tactical pens are practical defense tools that take on the look of an everyday pen, but are actually carefully designed and self-defense weapon that can ward off would-be attackers and even restrain and incapacitate people who intend to do harm to you. Tuff Writer Tactical Pens are available at KnifeArt, an authorized dealer of Tuff Writer products.

Built to withstand extreme temperatures and conditions, Tuff Writer tactical pens have a sharp end and a round end and can be used anywhere as a means of self-defense. The point has a smooth finish and can also be employed as a PDA stylus device or a tool to break glass in an emergency. Tuff Writers are made with external grooves and a steel clip that is tipped upward just a tad to enable a low slip grip while not snagging during deployment or holstering. You don't have to worry about marks from fingertips or harsh reflection, because Tuff Writer Tactical Pens are made with a surface treatment to minimize those effects.

The Tuff Writer Precision Press Polished Titanium Tactical Pen is 6 inches long with a cold pressed spring steel clip, a Fisher Space Pen pressurized SPR4 cartridge and bolts made of stainless steel. The Exclusive Tuff Writer Sniper Grey Precision Press Pen is fully modular with each component capable of being easily replaced. Built to last, this pen utilizes an all-metal body machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum. The Tuff Writer Operator Series Sniper Grey Tactical Pen sports a midnight black finish and a smoothly finished point that doubles as a PDA stylus device or a tool for breaking windows in an emergency. Also check out what's available from the Tuff Writer Frontline Series, but act fast, because these pens are very popular and likely to sell out.

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