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Zero Tolerance Emerson Knife Designs: ZT 0620 & 630

Born on March 7th, 1955, Ernest Emerson is known as being a martial artist, knife maker, and bladed weapons expert. In the 1980's, he earned a reputation for popularizing a style of knife known as the tactical folder. In 1996 he founded Emerson Knives Inc. to produce his designs, which have been used by Navy SEALS, displayed in museums, featured in films and novels, and have been used by NASA in outer space. He is also known for creating the Emerson Combat System, which is a form of combat taught to police officers and civilians alike. He collaborated with ZT Knives to offer the Zero Tolerance 0630 and the Zero Tolerance 0620 - that also comes in the carbon fiber handled model the ZT 0620CF

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