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Knife Sharpening Stones, Knife Sharpening Stone

Sharpening StonesFor thousands of years man has used Arkansas natural stone (novaculite) as knife sharpening stone. These fine sharpening stones prolong the life of your blade because they don't remove large amounts of metal from your blade like some electric systems. Our rare locally mined, Arkansas stone knife sharpeners will polish the edge of your knife while you sharpen. These Arkansas knife sharpening stones are made of different grades of Novaculite- hard, compact, homogenous, finely granular, highly pure silica rock mined only in Arkansas.

You will be proud of the keen edge your knives carry using our "Tri-Stone" knife sharpening system. There are three stones on a Tri-Stone: one course, one medium, and one fine. All Tri-Stones include a bottle of honing oil, angle guide and 'How To Use Sharpening Stones' instructions. "How to sharpen a knife."

Surgical Black TRI-STONE Arkansas Sharpening Stones, Knife Sharpening Stones
Surgical Black Arkansas BENCH Sharpening Stone
TRI-STONE Arkansas Sharpening Stones  - Knife Sharpening Stones
Translucent Arkansas BENCH Sharpening Stone
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