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William Henry Keychains - Luxury & High-End Keychains in Silver & Leather

William Henry KeychainsOne of America’s top knife artisans, William Henry, has created a line of masculine key chains that are a “must have” for well dressed, confident gentlemen. Titled the Touchstone Collection, this trio of William Henry key chains is as unique as the men that carry them.

Outfitted with a superior crafted, sterling silver skull, the Touchstone 1 is tailor made for those who refuse to be fenced in. Adorned with an antique patina and black diamond eyes, the skull doubles as a handsome slider. It works in concert with a black, nickel-coated split ring, clasp, knot retainer and leather lanyard.

William Henry’s Touchstone 5 and Touchstone 6 key chains take a decidedly different approach than the Touchstone 1. Despite that different approach, they are no less visually stunning and durable. The Touchstone 5 key chain swaps out the skull for a sterling silver, square dragon bead that sports an antique patina. The mythical dragon is carved into the bead with stunning detail and precision. It perches majestically on a patterned, black leather lanyard and works as a slider. As such, the key chain also features a nickel-coated clasp and split ring. In our opinion, any man that embodies knightly qualities and a strong sense of adventure will surely fall for this William Henry key chain.

The same can be said for the Touchstone 6. It too features the full body of a formidable dragon awash in antique patina. The difference between it and the Touchstone 5 is that the lanyard is made with an attractive, strong, brown leather. In addition, it features a matching bronzer knot retainer.

It should also be noted that all three of these art gallery quality, William Henry key chains are tough enough to be passed down from father to son. They are also small enough to fit comfortably in the hand or in the pocket. So why not invest in one of William Henry’s remarkable key chains today?

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