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Tactical Pens

Tactical Pens are a perfect back-up to an every day carry custom knife. Our tactial pens are hand selected from top makers such as Rick Hinderer and Tuff Writer. These tactical pens are rugged and durable, ready for a lifetime of service.

Rick Hinderer Knives
Rick Hinderer Pen - Flamed Titanium Modular Kubaton Set
Rick Hinderer Investigator Pen - Blasted Titanium - Tactical Pen
Tuff Writer Pens
Tuff Writer Operator Series - USN Usual Suspect Network Tactical Pen
Tuff Writer Operator Pen Kydex Neck Carry Sheath
Tuff Writer Neck Carry Kydex Sheath - EDC and Frontline Pens
Hidetoshi Nakayama Bolt Action Writing Pen
Benchmade Pens
Benchmade Pen 1100-2  Dark Grey Charcoal Benchmade 1100-2 Tactical Pen
Benchmade Damascus Pen 1100-14 Black Ink
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