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Bailey Bradshaw, MS

Bailey Bradshaw, MSBailey has been recognized as one of the best new makers in the country. His work is easily recognizable because of his high quality workmanship and traditional styling, "I started because of the fascination I had with knives since I was a boy, and I have always enjoyed creating with my hands. I try to put the best quality workmanship I am capable of into each knife, and offer it at reasonable prices." Each one of Bailey's knive are strong, lightweight and well balanced as well as having a very smooth action and tight fit and finish.

Bailey's Awards include: Best Handmade Knife, '98 Riverland Knife Club show; Best New Maker, '98 Blade Show; Show Award, '99 Riverland Knife Club show.

Bailey has recently been awarded the Master Smith rating from the American Bladesmith Association.

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