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Hinderer KnivesOver the past three decades and counting, Rick Hinderer's exacting attention to knife design and knife making have helped him cultivate a design philosophy that is rooted in his background of using his knives as a firefighter and EMT. Hinderer began making art knives for collectors and enthusiasts in a small turkey coop but used the same meticulousness in his work as he does today. After joining a rescue dive team, he started looking at knives and designs as hard-use tactical tools, and he altered his techniques for making a knife from an old-world approach to more modern CNC precision manufacturing.

The result of this background is a unique perspective on the knife-making craft. Hinderer now makes hard-use tactical folders that are both attractive to look at and extremely comfortable in the hand. A full line of Rick Hinderer Knives can be found at KnifeArt that are tough and dependable for many applications. Hinderer Knives are designed and constructed to go beyond the limit when the situation is the most crucial. Zero Tolerance Knives and Gerber Knives use designs by Rick Hinderer, who has also licensed his lock-bar stabilizer to be used by Strider Knives.

Rick Hinderer XM-18 & XM-24 Knives

The XM series of Hinderer folding knives are known throughout the world as one of the most tenacious tactical folding knife models. The Rick Hinderer XM-18 for sale at KnifeArt might be his most iconic design. This tactical folder has removable handle scales, a patented lock-bar stabilizer, an integral flipper/index finger guard, an integral bar lock, heavy duty risers and reversible pocket clip. The XM-18 can even be taken apart to be thoroughly cleaned and dusted.

Different users have different tactical needs, which is why the XM comes in three size configurations. The Hinderer XM-18 3-inch and 3.5-inch blade models are compact knives ideal for most first responder situations. The 4-inch model, better known as the Hinderer XM-24, has the heft and durability for more strenuous applications. Each design is a tactical tool that can handle rudimentary cutting tasks as well as high-speed, low-drag operations.

There are two main models of the XM knives: the flipper and the non-flipper. Whether you use a flipper or thumb stud to deploy the blade depends largely on personal preference, though Hinderer flippers are known for being some the easiest models to use. The Rick Hinderer XM-18 and XM-24 handles are designed with ergonomic comfort in mind in many different user positions. The XM-18 and XM-24 each include a pocket clip which can be mounted on the handle blade tip up or blade tip down, and they both have lanyard holes on the handle. There are several blade options as well. You can get an XM-18 with a harpoon, harpoon tanto, Bowie, spearpoint or skinner blade to meet your needs.

Other Leading Hinderer Knives

KnifeArt has more than just the Hinderer XM-18 for sale. Rick makes more than half a dozen knife models for different situations and budgets. The Hinderer MP-1 is based on his modular platform with sheepsfoot-style folding blade that can be opened with one hand using dual thumb lugs or a flipper. Hinderer Eklipse tactical folders are another no-nonsense knife for all levels of users. The thick tanto-style blade has an in-house stainless steel pivot for precision on tough cutting jobs. Large standoffs are built into the handle, giving it an open design that's easy to clean yet is just as strong as a solid back knife. The Hinderer FXM Wharncliffe has a 3.5-inch fixed blade with a design that is otherwise similar to the XM-18. Other models in stock include the compact Hinderer Half Track for everyday carry and the heavy-duty Hinderer Jurassic.

Rick Hinderer Pen

Even in intense tactical situations, sometimes you still need to write things down. A Rick Hinderer Pen is one of the strongest pens around for first responders and law enforcement personnel. These tactical pens are made of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and titanium that stand up to hard-use settings. A lightweight Hinderer pen has special machined lines so users can get a grip in water or snow. They come in many colors for a professional or edgy look. Available models include the everyday Investigator Pen, the high-end Extreme Duty Pen and the versatile Kubaton Modular Pen Set.

The Best Hinderer Tactical Products

As an authorized Rick Hinderer dealer, we always have the latest knives in stock, from the newest Hinderer XM-18 models to folding daggers such as the Hinderer Maximus. Each knife has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty, and at KnifeArt, we add on a satisfaction guarantee. Any Hinderer Knives order of more than $150 ships for free the same day if you order by 5:00 p.m. CST. Our experienced team is standing by to assist you with ordering and product questions.

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