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Benchmade 470-131 Emissary Gold Class Damascus Knife - 3-inch Blade

Benchmade 470-131 Emissary Gold Class Damascus Knife
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ITEM# 470-131
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MAKER: Benchmade Knives
DESIGNER: Warren Osborne
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless Damascus
FRAME: Black Aluminum 6061-T6 with Machined Ivory Micarta Inlay
WEIGHT: 2.1 oz.
COMMENTS: The seasoned knife collector will know a good quality knife when they see one. And if there was ever a knife exemplifies high craftsmanship it is the Benchmark Emissary Gold Class Damascus Knife. The 3" blade in razor sharp stainless damascus performs well and has an excellent shape for many tasks.

This knife has been featured in both Blade Magazine and American Handgunner. Pocket clip is mounted for blade tip up carry. Pocket clip can be mounted for right or left pocket carry. Pocket clip mounted for tip up carry, left or right pocket.

This gold class knife has a blade forged from damascus steel, a steel known for its amazing pattern found after forging and manipulating the steel. A metal with a rich history dating back to 300 BC, damascus is renound for it's beautiful design, durability, and capability of holding a razor sharp edge.

It is no wonder why the designer, Warren Osborne, chose to use damascus on this gold class knife. To compliment the steel, Benchmark designed the handle to be made with aircraft grade aluminum and a machined ivory micarta inlay, which is designed to match the pattern of the blade.

This damascus knife boasts a 3 inch blade, and a total size of 6.9 inches, making this a very compact knife. And it's not just compact, it's also as light as a feather, weighing in at 2.1 ounces.

A nice, easy to use blade with dual thumb studs for smooth opening with either hand. The AXIS lock system also comes with a safety, and the pocket clip is mounted for tip up carry.

This Benchmade gold class knife is sure to please any blade enthusiast. With it's intelligent design, and high quality material this is a knife that will keep working for you for years to come. But, don't wait! The Benchmade Gold Class series is very rare and highly sought after.

Our customers utilize our years of experience to bring them the best knives in the world. We focus on quality and service!
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