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William Henry B12 Sable Spearpoint - Carbon Fiber Folding Knife

William Henry B12 Sable Spearpoint - Carbon Fiber Folding Knife
William Henry B12 Sable Spearpoint - Carbon Fiber Folding Knife
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ITEM# B12-Sable



William Henry Studios describe their knives as 'functional artistry', which is a great description of knives known for both their elegance and their exacting quality. William Henry has produced a variety of American-made knife types using a stunning array of beautiful materials. The Sable Spearpoint is a functional and beautiful folding knife in the series of William Henry B12 Spearpoint Knives. These folding knives are 7 inches long with a 3 inch blade. The opening mechanism is smooth and the button lock is tough. The Spearpoint knife is a great choice to carry everyday.

The B12 Sable's 3 inch blade is ZDP-189 stainless steel with a black DLC coating. This is a fairly new super steel with 3% carbon and 20% chromium. This allows it to be hardened to RC 65-67 without chipping. Because it is extremely hard, it can take a very keen edge and keep it. The blade also is deep hollow ground, meaning the edge it keep will be razor sharp.

The blade isn't the only beautifully crafted part of this knife; the handle is impressive as well. The 4.13 inch handle in made of aerospace grade titanium alloy with a grey even blasted matte finished bolsters. The thumb lug and button lock construction allows the knife to fluidly open/close with ease and one-handed. The clip is, also, titanium insuring your knife is secure and safe. The handle inlay is carbon fiber, a material known for it's outstanding strength, light weight and beauty. The knife has a one-hand button lock and thumb lug set with smokey quartz stones. In fact, the knife is easy to open or close, even one-handed.

With a titanium clip to keep the knife secure, this fine piece of functional art is certain to last a lifetime. William Henry actually includes a lifetime warranty with the knife, so you can be confident that it will stand up to the wear and tear that all knives go through.

This limited edition knife has a modern, refined artistry. The Sable Spearpoint is, also, clearly functional. The upscale pocket knife comes in an attractive wood presentation box, certificate and lifetime warranty. You can buy with confidence, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee and extremely fast shipping.

MAKER: William Henry Knives
BLADE MATERIAL: Stainless ZDP-189 with a black DLC coating
HANDLE: Carbon Fiber
FRAME: Titanium
WEIGHT: 1.8 oz.

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