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Zero Tolerance Knives for Sale - Premium American-Made Tactical Folding Knives

Zero Tolerance KnivesZero Tolerance Knives - or ZT Knives, as their dedicated fans sometimes say - provide the cutting-edge performance without compromise that their name suggests. Since 2006, Zero Tolerance has been producing knives for people who have no margin for error in their everyday activity. The earliest ZT models were tactical knives, but since then, Zero Tolerance has added several lines of EDC knives for those who have more general cutting needs.

Every Zero Tolerance knife for sale is American-made with the goal of extremely high manufacturing tolerances and top-shelf materials. This merger of function and performance, along with prices lower than those of most high-end knives, has made their cutlery a favorite among first responders and knife fanatics alike. They have been recognized with numerous awards from the Blade Show trade show, and their knives have made appearances on major television programs such as NCIS and Those Who Kill. You can get these same ZT knives and many others at KnifeArt.com.

Made in America

Zero Tolerance Knives came on the scene through Kai USA Ltd. For more than a decade, these immensely durable products have garnered a fine reputation for serving the needs of individuals living and working in dangerous environments. Professionals protected by Zero Tolerance Knives include policemen, United States Servicemen, firefighters and beyond. Zero Tolerance knives for sale at KnifeArt have been selected by our experts as a product that is one of the best for its intended use. Dozens of patents have been issued for products by ZT Knives and their sister company Kershaw Knives, including one for the Sub-Frame-lock. This system replaces part of the aluminum handle on their folding knives with stainless steel, which holds the blade firmly in place while remaining lightweight.

Popular ZT Knives for Sale

These American-made knives boast versatility with their premium folding capabilities in assisted opening and flipper styles. Well-known models include the Zero Tolerance 0350, 0450 and 0452. The ZT 0350 for sale is an everyday carry knife made with a 3.5-inch blade that has great rust resistance and edge retention. Their 0450 and 0452 Zero Tolerance knives are updated versions of the classic 0454 tactical knife. The 0450 has a compact 3.25-inch blade, while the 0452 matches the original with a heavy-use 4.1-inch blade.

Each ZT knife is built from the strongest materials such as steel, titanium and carbon fiber for the sleeker blade handles. Zero Tolerance offers serrated knives, spear point knives, drop point knives and other blade designs. The most hard-working manufacturers craft these premium folding knives in a facility based in Tualatin, Oregon. Choose your preferred frame, blade size and blade finish based on what your position requires or what will look gorgeous on your display shelf. Our experts will assist you with any questions about materials and design. Tactical pens are in stock as well for times when the pen is mightier.

Custom Knife Designers

Zero Tolerance Knives wield widespread appeal and don't simply limit their use to combat. Depending on customers' needs, they arrive in modest, inconspicuous sizes, with options to amplify size and blade capability. Furthermore, Zero Tolerance works with some of the top designers in the industry, including Rick Hinderer, Dmitry Sinkevich, Todd Rexford and Ken Onion. These custom knife makers fuse ZT's manufacturing capabilities with their unique creative designs to conceive products that have a precision build and artistic soul. If you have a specific designer in mind, go to their section to see what Zero Tolerance knives for sale are currently at hand.

Authorized Dealer

Located in Little Rock, Arkansas, KnifeArt.com acts as a collaborative, transparent dealer for customers from all walks of life that seek to buy our products. Our business model runs on efficiency, ensuring that your hand-selected Zero Tolerance knife arrives at your home quickly and in optimal condition. We also offer free U.S. shipping on orders exceeding $150. The industry's most prominent publications - including Blade, Knives Illustrated, American Handgunner, Tactical Knives and Forbes Life, among others - give KnifeArt.com the highest recommendation as a professional authorized dealer. Every Zero Tolerance knife for sale has a limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty for the original owner. If you order before 5:00 p.m. CST, then your premium folding knife will ship the same day and arrive on your doorstep before you know it.

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