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Jason Knight Knife Designs - Winkler Collaborations

Jason Knight Designs

Jason Knight is a dreamer, but he is also a Master Bladesmith who has been creating and forging knives for the last seventeen years. Born in Charleston, SC and raised in the hinterlands where his familiarity with knives came at an early age, in a time when all a boy needed to keep himself occupied during the day was miles of open swamp and a good knife to use for hacking new trails to wherever his imagination would take him. Even then he was making his own knives, but as he grew his talents needed focus as with all great artists. Already influenced by Native American culture, as well as seeing the work of friends Daniel Winkler and Karen Shook, his dreams were already beginning to grow into something more.

In 2001 with encouragement from his wife, Jason started his studies at the Bill Moran School of Bladesmith in Old Washington. Under Master Bladesmith, Jay Hendrickson, Jason began to learn the craft of bladesmithing where he was able to combine his experience as a knife enthusiast with his occupational know-how as a sculptor.

Beginning in 2001, Jason saw his first award after just starting out as a bladesmith with the Best New Maker Award at Blade Show West. Not a bad way to start for a newbie. Over the next several years, the awards kept rolling in. From the South Carolina Association of Knifemakers to BLADE Magazine to the American Bladesmith Society, Jason's credits kept stacking up, showing that his ability to dream had transcended into not only an ability to do, but to excel at what he does. In 2007 he received his Mastersmith rating from the American Bladesmith Society and continued to rack up the awards long after that with his most recent accolade beings BLADE's Knife Collaboration of the Year in 2017.

His mastery of the art--especially with his reputation in creating kukri and recurve bladed knives--allowed Jason Knight to be a judge on the television show, Forged in Fire. His collaboration especially with Winkler Knives in designing the Everycarry, Jaeger, and Pathfinder knife models showed off his talents in fixed blade design as well, combining drop points, thumb jimping and a variety of micarta handle designs on all three blades. The Jaeger and Everycarry knives feature a Maori tribal patterned 3D carved micarta handle for a sure grip and lightweight for ease of carry. The Pathfinder is designed for tactical use, but has the feel of a good, traditional belt knife ready to tackle any chore.

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