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Hidetoshi Nakayama Pen Shop & Jewelery

Hidetoshi Nakayama

We are a Hidetoshi Nakayama Authorized Dealer. Hidetoshi Nakayama is one of the most clever designers we've discovered. There, we said it. Now you can have unparalleled access to all of his innovative and creative designs through the KnifeArt catalog, where you’ll find stunning pens, carved necklace charms and amazing knives that seamlessly blend function and aesthetics.

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Our Nakayama collection includes the Steam Shift stainless steel pen, which uses steampunk design to create a hard-core, sturdy writing instrument that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen. This 5.25-inch pen weighs 2.6 ounces, making it versatile enough for everyday use; it also makes a great conversation piece for people who pride themselves of thinking outside the box. You’ll find quirky Nakayama designs such as the Ride the Wind pen here, as well; it’s a 5.5-inch, 2.5-ounce stainless steel pen that has an edgy but refined look. Some of our hottest sellers are Nakayama necklace knives. With great features like carved ebony wood sheaths, curved blades and unique handle styles, these necklace knives are a must-have for any discerning collector who does double-time as a fashion maven. Our Hidetoshi Nakayama sterling silver necklaces are popular gifts (but we suspect plenty of people are adding to their own collections, too). You’ll find octopus necklaces, frogs, silver wolf skulls and intricately designed masks as charms.

Since we go out of our way to bring you exclusive access to the latest Nakayama designs in pens, necklace knives and charms, you don’t have to scour the Internet to find what you’re looking for. KnifeArt is your one-stop shop for stunning creative designs from one of the world’s most innovative sculptors. We’re extremely proud of this collection because we know it’s packed with great items that our customers love.