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Mel Pardue

Mel Pardue

Mel Pardue

Mel Pardue has long been one of the most influential knifemakers in his time. Mel's first attempt at making knives was in 1957, according to him "needless to say looking back, they were rough by todays standards". His knives are some of the finest available currently.

His first contact with a Custom Knifemaker was with Mr. Frank Centofante. According to Mel, "I truly believe that without his help and friendship, I would not be here today, involved in Custom Knifemaking and the commercial Knife industry".

Mel joined the Knifemakers Guild in 1976, "I have served on many levels of the knifemakers guild during my knifemaker career."

Mel's education and career background is in Mechanical and Civil engineering. He was an instructor at the ABS school in Washington, Arkansas and the Alabama Forge Council. According to Mel "Teaching is very gratifying and I enjoy it immensely."

He also designed knives for popular and innovative Benchmade Knife Company in Oregon City, Oregon. "I am priviliged to serve as a Director of Benchmade Knives, a great company to work with. I attend approximately 6 knife shows a year."

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