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Knives by Brand

You can find the right knife at from companies like Chris Reeve, Toor Knives, Spartan Blades, Winkler Knives and William Henry. But the selection certainly does not stop there. You could be just as happy with a knife from a smaller company such as Attleboro, Fantoni Knives or other niche knife manufacturers. Some makers specialize in certain types of knives, focusing their efforts on making the best tools in a certain field. We have collectible knife brands such as William Henry, military and tactical-focused knifemakers like Winkler Knives, first responder specialists like Hinderer Knives and other virtuosos. Other manufacturers such as Benchmade do it all and have something for everyone. And if you thought we only sell knives from other companies, think again. Our own line of KnifeArt knives is designed by our founders to meet or surpass those from the industry leaders at great prices.

Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, KnifeArt sells the finest knives to scores of customers across the nation and around the globe. Our selection represents the best knives made with a special emphasis on the highest quality, American-made knives, and products. Whichever brand you choose, you'll receive a satisfaction guarantee, prompt expert service, and free U.S. shipping on orders over $150.