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White River Knives

White River Knives

White River Knives is a small family company that truly cares about customer satisfaction. Founded by John and Susan Cammenga, the company makes a number of American-made outdoor fixed blade knives. Their sons Matt and John Junior are an integral part of the family-owned business as well. White River Knife and Tool manufactures quality blades for professional and recreational use by those that appreciate a fine tool. Some of their more popular models are the backpacker, firecraft and caper. The company name was inspired by the White River that runs through Newaygo, Muskegon and Oceana counties in Michigan. The 24-mile long waterway flows through the property where White River Knives are designed and manufactured.

White River knives are appropriate for all sorts of outdoor applications. Made in the U.S. with 100 percent American-sourced materials, White River knives are right for hunters, kayakers, backpackers, fishing enthusiasts and any outdoor man or woman who needs an excellent cutting implement. White River knives are also as handsome as they are useful and are loved by collectors as well.

White River Knives for Sale

White River knife options include backpack hunting knives with paracord handles and step-up filet knives with cork handles that float. Fixed blade bush knives with ironwood handles are another specialty of the company. White River's Sendero Bush knife, conceived in collaboration with renowned knife designer Jerry Fisk, is preferred by hunters who require a blade they can count on. Our exclusive custom bush knife has a carbon fiber handle that is durable and lightweight. The Sendero Classic is similar to the White River small game knife with an elegant fixed blade made of CPM-S30V stainless steel.

Another popular knife, the White River Caper, comprises a high-quality blade and custom handle crafted from carbon fiber that make your EDC hunting knife a real winner. For those who want to prepare themselves for dire situations, the Firecraft White River survival knife can be used as either a bush or field knife. It includes a notch in the top of the blade for striking the included fire stick and a stainless-steel divot in the handle for fire bows.

American-Made Quality Outdoor Knives

White River is proud of their reputation and does everything it takes to maintain it. Every knife from White River Knife and Tool comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime replacement guarantee. KnifeArt is proud to be an authorized dealer of world-class White River blades. We offer free domestic shipping on all orders over $150, and of course, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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