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Emerson Knives - Founded by Custom Knifemaker Ernest Emerson

Emerson Knives

American-made Emerson tactical knives combine straightforward design with precision manufacturing to produce a hard-use tool valued by even the most demanding knife users. Founder Ernest Emerson originally worked with U.S. Navy SEALs to develop the first purpose-built tactical knives. By forming Emerson Knives in 1996, he introduced these designs to tactical personnel and knife enthusiasts around the world.

Best-Selling Emerson Custom Knives

We offer more than a dozen models of affordable Emerson knives for sale at KnifeArt that represent the very best in law enforcement, military and tactical tools. Popular models such as the Commander, CQC-7 and CQC-15 are prized by first responders. The Mini and Super Commander feature the recurve blade while the CQC-7 tactical folder has a tanto-style blade. And the Emerson CQC-15 combines these two styles, giving elite military and law enforcement groups the best of both worlds.

Many other Emerson folding knives have proven themselves in real-world situations, from the Emerson Karambit knife for self-defense to the CQC-8 Horseman for ranchers and farmers. Each one uses Emerson's patented wave open feature for removing the knife from your pocket and opening the blade all in one motion. A limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty applies to workmanship and materials and protects against damage from normal everyday use. And all orders over $150 ship absolutely free anywhere in the U.S.

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