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Emerson Knives - Founded by Custom Knifemaker Ernest Emerson

Emerson KnivesMore than two decades after knifemaker Ernest Emerson launched Emerson Knives Inc., the brand has come to represent the very best in law enforcement, military and tactical tools. The company was founded in 1996 and its knives are American-made at their Harbor City, California location. Founder Ernest Emerson originally worked with U.S. Navy SEALs to develop the first purpose-built tactical knives. By forming Emerson Knives, he introduced these designs to tactical personnel and knife enthusiasts around the world. A leader in both performance quality and design aesthetics, Emerson knives combine straightforward design with a precision manufacturing facility to produce a hard-use tool valued by even the most demanding of knife users.

About Ernest Emerson

During the late 1980s, Emerson was a hand-to-hand combat instructor and started making custom knives. Many of his customs had become well-known among the Naval Special Warfare Community, Army Special Forces (Delta) and the British SAS. This early knife model was the CQC-6. Emerson later said, "The knife became so sought after in the Special Operations community that owning an Emerson CQC-6 became a symbol of a 'Made Man' in the SPEC OPS community." Ernest Emerson continues to make Emerson custom knives and is a prolific designer for his production knife company, EKI. In addition, his knife designs have been made by a wide variety of companies including Benchmade, Zero Tolerance and Kershaw. (Click here for a complete interview with Emerson.)

Knives Made in the U.S.

All Emerson knives for sale are American-made at their California facilities. As the son of a schoolteacher, Ernesto Emerson had the value of hard work instilled in him by his parents at a young age. This drive and commitment to excellence have spurred the growth of his knife company since 1996. But while other companies have moved production overseas, Emerson Knives has doubled down on his commitment to using the best American materials, production and labor. Emerson has stated, "We're made in America because America gave me the opportunity to succeed. America gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams." That opportunity is realized in every hard-use Emerson knife they sell.

Best Sellers

Three of the most popular models of Emerson knives are the Commander, CQC-7 and the CQC-15. KnifeArt has the Emerson Commander for sale in both Mini and Super sizes. The Commander features the recurve blade, which adds a second curve to a conventional blade for a slight S-shape. This blade style lengthens the edge while proving additional cutting angles. The tanto-style blade can be found on the CQC-7 tactical folder, which is a direct successor to Emerson's original CQC-6. With a high-point, flat-grind blade and tapered pommel, you'll have the strength and power need for close quarters combat. The Emerson CQC-15 for sale is a combination of these two blade styles and gives you the best of both worlds for elite military and law enforcement groups. The folding and fixed blade Emerson Karambit models are very popular choices for self-defense.
Many other Emerson folding knives have proven themselves in tactical, outdoor and everyday carry use. The Emerson Horseman is a mini version of the CQC-8 that is ideal for ranchers, farmers and horseback riders. With a Roadhouse Super or Mini folder, you'll have a tactical knife for changing conditions. Other choice models include the Gentleman Jim tactical knife and the SARK search and rescue knife.

Knife Steel and Build

The steel used in most Emerson knives is Crucible 154-CM Steel. This high-end stainless steel was developed by the aerospace industry and has a combat-proven record of performance and durability going back for over 20 years. It contains high levels of carbon and chromium along with molybdenum for better edge holding. They have also started using S35VN steel on some of their models including the CQC-7 Flipper. This "ultimate mainstream" steel has a fine grain structure that makes it tougher yet easier to sharpen. It also makes these models more affordable so more people can experience Emerson knives. Most models come in a satin finish as well as a black-coated blade with or without serrations.

The handles of Emerson knives are often made of a synthetic material known as G-10. It consists of alternating layers of glass-woven cloth pressurized with durable epoxy resin. This material is impervious to solvents and liquids. The alternating layers help create a stable handle that does not crack, shrink or wear out over years of hard use. The handles are ergonomically shaped and textured for a comfortable, secure grip.

Wave Opening Feature

One distinguishing feature of Emerson's folding knives is the patented wave open feature. This allows the user to remove the knife from their pocket and open the blade all in one motion. Emerson knives also feature a liner lock that assists one hand opening in high-stress situations. The efficiency of the wave feature, combined with the liner lock that lets you open and close the knife without repositioning it, is unmatched by any other tactical folding knife on the market. As such, these knives are extremely useful in close quarter combat situations.

Emerson Knives at KnifeArt

We have more than a dozen models of Emerson knives for sale at KnifeArt to meet all tactical, combat and outdoor needs at a price you can afford. They are excellent for collectors as well who appreciate a high-quality knife. A limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty applies to workmanship and materials and protects against damage from normal everyday use. All orders over $150 ship absolutely free anywhere in the U.S. We guarantee satisfaction with your Emerson knife - and as you can see from our customer testimonials, there are a lot of satisfied customers. We hope to make you one as well!

Emerson CQC-7V SFS Serrated Folding Knife
Regular: $207.86
Emerson Reliant SF Wave Folding Knife
Regular: $181.76
Emerson Desert Roadhouse BTS Serrated Black Blade Knife
Regular: $242.06
Emerson Desert Roadhouse BT Black Blade Knife
Regular: $237.56
Emerson Endeavor Serrated Blade Folding Knife
Regular: $187.16
Emerson Journeyman BT Black Blade Folding Knife
Regular: $233.06
Emerson Journeyman SFS Serrated Folding Knife
Regular: $233.06
Emerson Jungle Commander BT Black Blade Folding Knife
Regular: $243.00

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